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Industry Solution


  • Do you need to complete DBS checks for your teachers and education staff? 

  • Ensure confidence in the individuals you are hiring. 


Education Overview

You can ensure the safety of both your students and staff by conducting the correct background checks with VettingGateway. With VettingGateway you can complete all of your required background checks in one easy to use online platform. 

How can we help in Education

Reduce your hiring risk by conducting the right background checks on your candidates. With VettingGateway you can automate your manual tasks and eliminate the paper workload by keeping all of your applicants' data in one safe platform. Checks for different job roles within Education may differ, which can be accommodated by VettingGateway's 'Build your own Bundle' feature. 

Checks for Education

Here is a comprehensive list of checks which may be required in the Education industry. 

  • Employer Reference Check

  • Right to Work Check (including Digital Right to Work) 

  • Social Media Check

  • Qualifications/ Education Reference Check 

  • DVLA Check

  • Identity Check

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact our team!

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