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  • Do you need to confirm training credibility or proof of education for your new hires?

  • Do you need a tech solution to reduce your teams paperwork? 


Healthcare Overview

You can ensure the safety of both patients and staff by conducting the correct background checks with VettingGateway. Don’t compromise on your requirements, find a solution that can work in harmony with your existing processes. 

How can we help in Healthcare

Reduce the hiring risk by conducting the right background checks on your applicant. Automate your manual tasks and eliminate the paper workload by keeping all your applicants data in one safe platform. You may have different levels of background checking requirements for each staff member and VettingGateway can help you decide which checks are the most effective for your business. You may have an emergency care assistant or a clinical manager both whom need a specific type of check for their role. You may want to consider obtaining education or qualifications or simply their last employment reference, all of which can be accommodated with our ‘Bundle’ feature where you can create your own referencing rules.  

Checks for Healthcare

If your business operates with a referencing standard already in place for your staff you can sign up here straight away and start telling VettingGateway your rules and requirements. We recommend where a regulated standard is absent, that you review the roles and responsibilities within your business and contact us to help you decide what are the best requirements for your business 


  • Ambulance Service Team

  • Doctors

  • Management 

  • Midwifery

  • Nursing

* What ever the role, find the checks best suited to your business 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact our team!

FAQs for Healthcare

How do I create my own referencing checks bespoke to our business?

Simply sign up to our Business subscription and you can select from our list of transactional checks such as an Identity check, a Basic UK DBS, Directorship check etc, along with the number of years referencing you would like to obtain from your applicant. Once you create this group of reference checks you can invite your applicants against this bespoke standard

How do I get the information from my applicant into VettingGateway?

All you need to do is once you have selected the right checks for your organisation, you then send an email invite link to your applicant. Once the applicant clicks this link it will take them straight into their application where we use a technique to logically ask each question and obtain all the information you need to conduct your back ground check