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Office Administration

  • Will your new employee have access to sensitive customer data? 

  • Do you work on contracts/projects that require your employees to be background checks? 

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Office Administration Overview

Find out below how VettingGateway can reduce the time it takes to conduct a background check on your new hire so they can start their new role sooner. 

How can we help in Office Administration

In most office environments your employees will have access to sensitive customer data, so it’s critical for your peace of mind and for compliance that you know those people are trustworthy. From call centres to administrative departments, all will require some level of employment referencing to understand what risk an individual might pose to the business. Employee background checks are becoming increasingly common as the impact of hiring a dishonest employee can have detrimental effects on your reputation and the business. Every client that interacts with you will also want reassurance that the staff who have access to their data have been security checked and cleared to manage their account. 


VettingGateway gives you the tools you need to manage these background check and make a quick hiring decision. The platform is simple and easy to navigate, and uses clever automation to both chase your references back in and to request checks such as a Criminal Record or Identity Check. 

Checks for Office Administration

The type of checks you will need to complete will depend on the new employee’s role and the level of access they have to certain data or products. 


Below are some examples of the types of checks you can complete using VettingGateway; DBS, Identity, Right to Work, Directorship and credit check results come directly back into the platform, often within minutes:  

  • 1 or 3 year employment history 

  • Digital Right to Work Check

  • A UK DBS (criminal record) 

  • An identity check  

  • A directorship check 

  • A credit check 

If you haven’t implemented a background checking standard within your business then we recommend you review the roles and responsibilities of your employees and then contact us to help you decide what are the best requirements to suit your business. 

FAQs for Office Administration

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