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  • Do you need to conduct a BPSS or BS7858 check on your new employee?

  • Would a technical vetting solution speed up your vetting process?


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Security Overview

Find out how VettingGateway can save you time by helping you manage the onboarding and ongoing compliance of your security staff.

"Since implementing VettingGateway in 2022, we have seen a number of improvements across our pre-employment checking processes. With features like auto chasing of candidates and referees, the verified company address book and prioritised task lists for our team, our background checks are now quicker and more streamlined and have created more resilience within our teams."

How can we help in Security

With multiple checks required for an individual wishing to work in the security industry, VettingGateway uses automation to help manage these checks quickly and in one place.


Background checks can often be complex and involve a lot of administration.  VettingGateway can simplifying this, communicating data back to you in a simple and easy to understand manner, so you can easily check that your candidate meets the requirements of your vetting check. We also have audit trails so you can ensure compliancy and even produce this information to the relevant regulated bodies if and when required.

Checks for Security

You can see more about BPSS checks here: BPSS

You can see more about BS7857 here: BS7858 

Whether you have a regulated standard in place or you run ad-hoc checks, VettingGateway will be able to accommodate your processes using automation to reduce the time taken to complete these checks.

Requirements that might be involved in a Security background check include:

  • 3 or 5 year employment history

  • Digital Right to Work Check

  • A UK DBS (criminal record)

  • An identity check

  • Coverage of gap periods

  • A credit check

Where a regulated standard is absent we recommend that you review the roles and responsibilities within your business and contact us to help you decide what are the best requirements to suit your business.

FAQs for Security

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