Industry Solution

Staffing and Recruitment

  • Are you looking to speed up your recruitment process? 

  • Are you looking to hire lots of candidates at once? 

  • Are you tired of incomplete reference application forms? 

  • Do you want a way to reduce the need for manual candidate follow up calls and emails? 


Staffing and Recruitment Overview

Allow VettingGateway’s Recruitment / Staffing reference checks help to speed up your hiring process, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. With a variety of pre-made checks at your disposal, to suit organisations of all sizes and industries, and brand personalisation options attached, background checking has never been easier! 

How can we help in Staffing and Recruitment

Our Recruitment reference checks dramatically speed up hiring by providing live progress updates on applicant reference requests. Automated follow up messages are sent to your candidates for incomplete sections of their application. You have easy live communication with your candidates through our central portal, which gives you full transparency of the background check, ensuring all checks are completed “right first time”. You can even manage high volume recruitment campaigns by placing all of your applicants into VettingGateway but only referencing those that you require for an opportunity.  

Checks for Staffing and Recruitment

Here is a comprehensive list of all the checks used in the Staffing and Recruitment industry and support by VettingGateway


  • Administration

  • Finance

  • Retail

  • Customer service

* What ever the role, find the checks best suited to your business 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact our team!

FAQs for Staffing and Recruitment

I’m doing a recruitment day but not all my candidates will get the job, do I have to pay to reference every candidate?

No, under our Business licence you have unlimited referencing, as such you can place all your candidates into VettingGateway but you can select who you wish to reference

I only want to obtain 2 references, is this possible?

Yes, you can obtain any number of references you wish under our Business licence. You can create your own referencing standard and not only collect references by number but by years and even type of references such as 2 company references/ 2 education references