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Aviation Background Check

Aviation Overview

VettingGateway is a simple online platform where you can complete all the regulatory checks needed to ensure you're adhering to airport regulations. Complete employment reference checks, GSAT, DBS and accreditation checks all in one place. Watch our video below to find out how using VettingGateway can speed up and simplify your background checks, or contact us here for a demo. 
VettingGateway in Aviation
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How can we help in Aviation?

The Aviation industry is a highly regulated environment and its important your applicant’s undergo the correct background check, such as obtaining a 5 year career history and a basic UK DBS. VettingGateway is bought to you by the aviation experts at IDGateway, so you can trust that we're able to help. Our simple to use platform will make referencing your applicants straight forward and most of all ensure you’re compliant. Automatic chasing reduces the need for you to intervene and means more of your references are turned around as quickly as possible. In fact, VettingGateway has an average turnaround time of just 21 days for aviation checks, which is considerably faster than the industry standard of 4-5 weeks.

Checks for Aviation

We'll help you work out what checks you need for each role.

Already know what you need?

Check the full list of available checks for the Aviation industry.

Discover the process of how to submit your authorised signatory application so that you can apply for Airside Passes for your roles

If your business works in the aviation industry or you contribute to the industry in any way find out below what background checks might be suitable for you and your teams. 

What checks do I need?

As per the Aviation Security regulations in the UK, in order to obtain an airside ID card (airside pass) you must conduct a background check on your applicant. This must include as a minimum...

  • An employment history check including any gaps over 28 days in the preceding 5 years

  • Criminal record checks

  • Proof of identity check

Your applicant must also have a legitimate operational need to have an airside ID card and therefore access to secure areas of an airport (critical part).

From 1st January 2022, enhanced background checks will become a mandatory regulation in order to obtain Airside passes at UK airports. Read more HERE.

What is the critical part of an airport?

Simply put, the Critical Part of an airport (also known as the Restricted Security Area and Restricted Zone) is the area of the airport found once you pass through security. It’s the approved area of an airport whereby access is controlled and security measures put in place to help ensure the security of civil aviation.

Critical Access

Individuals who we know require a check to access the restricted areas (or critical part) of an airport, such as Pilots, can be identified easily (also see Airside ID Card).

Roles requiring an Airside Pass

  • Pilots

  • Cabin Crew

  • Baggage Handlers

  • Dispatch Staff / Ground Staff

  • Retail Staff

  • Catering Staff

*Anyone who needs access to the critical part of an airport

Non Critical Access 

However, you may have employees who deal with airside passes or work in the business who don’t require access to the critical part of an airport, such as office / management staff or those requiring landside passes.

Some clients will choose to reference all office based and airside side to the same airside pass standard, however you may wish to reference by role and reduce the referencing standard for lower risk roles. For example, conducting a 3 year employment history check for office based workers instead of 5 years for an airside pass holder.

Roles that may require other checks

  • Finance Manager

  • Director

  • Administration staff

  • HR Team Member

Non Critical Access Checks

You may have a senior finance manager who requires an additional credit check, a director who needs a directorship check or admin staff who just require a DBS. Your HR team may even have certain documentation or forms that also need to be completed as part of the background check. However your business decides to reference its employees, we can help you uphold your chosen standard and documentation.

Whatever your business needs, we can help you uphold your chosen standard and documentation.

All Aviation Checks

Here is a comprehensive list of all the checks used in the Aviation industry and supported by VettingGateway:

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Don’t forget that VettingGateway allows you to mix and match vetting criteria to make your perfect background checking bundle, meaning you never have to compromise on your existing processes and standards.

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