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A world-class platform created by vetting specialists

Committed to simplifying background checks for every organisation and every applicant
Job interview

Committed to your hiring success

Gain peace of mind that your pre-employment screening is being managed efficiently and compliantly, enabling you to advance and streamline your hiring strategy. 

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Believers in keeping things simple

Benefit from using a platform that has been created to make your background checking as quick, easy and as simple as possible, giving you and your team time back in your day.

Candidate Experience

Passionate about candidate experience 

Deliver a fantastic experience for your candidates by using a platform that has been developed with your applicants in mind, ensuring this stage of their onboarding journey is quick and painless.


IDGateway was founded in 2012 by Julian Parker (left) and Nick Trollope (right) after they realised the need for a better solution to completing Airside ID passes for airports, airlines and aviation businesses.

Since then, IDGateway has diversified to offer two core products, AirportGateway, the original ID pass system, and VettingGateway, their ground-breaking pre-employment background checking platform.

Although originally created for the highly-regulated aviation industry, VettingGateway is now used by businesses across many industries, delivering the capability needed to complete pre-employment background checks efficiently, securely and compliantly.


Ready to simplify your background checking process?

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Transforming pre-employment background checks for leading organisations

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Wilson James

"Since implementing VettingGateway in 2022, we have seen a number of improvements across our pre-employment checking processes. With features like auto chasing of candidates and referees, the verified company address book and prioritised task lists for our team, our background checks are now quicker and more streamlined and have created more resilience within our teams."

Wilson James - HR Transformations

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