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Industry Solution: Recruitment

Speed up your time-to-hire and enhance your candidate experience. 
Healthcare industry checks

Effortlessly monitor and manage all of your clients' applicants and control their vetting and referencing requirements.

group applicants

Group your applicants in to clear 'Zones' complete with client branding, delivering a clearer, simpler way to manage your background checks.

Employee reference checks

Benefit from our industry-leading turnaround time of just 2 days for employee reference checks, significantly speeding up your time-to-hire.

Safer hiring decisions

Make safer hiring decisions that meet the specific vetting requirements of the healthcare industry.


Be confident that your required checks are being managed compliantly.

Candidate experience

Deliver a better candidate experience by adding client branding to all communications sent from the platform. 

Why choose VettingGateway?

Speed up your time-to-hire
Reduce your hiring risk 
Improve the quality of your new hires
Eliminate the use of multiple platforms
Deliver a great candidate experience

How can VettingGateway support volume hiring? 

Through VettingGateway's innovative solution, Enterprise Hub, you gain a simple, logical system for managing background checks across your entire client base:


  • Group your applicants in to client 'Zones' and add the relevant client branding

  • Deliver a better candidate experience by automatically adding client branding to all communications sent from the platform

  • Gain peace of mind that your clients' GDPR data is safely and securely segregated by their Zone

  • Invite your client to view and manage their own Zone, allowing them to invite, monitor and manage their own applicants using the checks you specify


Ready to simplify your background checking process?

Let's get started!

Transforming pre-employment background checks for leading organisations

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Complete all your background checks in one place

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