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Right to Work Checks

Confirm that your applicants are who they say they are.

Easily confirm whether your candidates can work in the UK.

Protect your organisation

Make safer hiring decisions that protect your organisation and its people.


Speed up your time-to-hire by digitally verifying your applicants' identity.


Be confident that your required checks are being managed compliantly.

Legitimate documents

Instantly assess legitimate documents and receive the results in minutes.

Track progress

Track your candidates' progress and remain up-to-date throughout the process.

Why choose VettingGateway?

Speed up your time-to-hire
Reduce your hiring risk 
Improve the quality of your new hires
Eliminate the use of multiple platforms
Deliver a great candidate experience

In-person or Digital Right to Work checks?

All UK employers are required to complete Right to Work checks, which involves seeing and checking relevant identity documents to validate if your applicant is legally permitted to work in the United Kingdom.

It's an offence to employ someone who doesn't have the Right to Work in the UK or those who provide incorrect or fraudulent documents.

There are two ways to complete your Right to Work checks, both of which are supported by VettingGateway, so you can sure you're carrying out these checks correctly and that you're meeting your legal obligations.

Digital Right to Work Checks

A digital check allows you to remotely prove an applicant's Right to Work status against applicable documents instead of completing in-person checks. VettingGateway supports the authentication of UK Citizens as well as non-UK Citizens. 

In-person Right to Work Checks

VettingGateway supports a face-to-face Right to Work Check, in which applicants upload their identity documents to VettingGateway. You must manually review the document and validate the identity of the individual in-person. 


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Why should I use Digital Right to Work Checks?

A Right to Work Check ensures businesses are able to meet their legal obligations. However, a Digital Right to Work check allows employers to digitally verify the identity of their new starters and confirm their Right to Work remotely rather than in person. This helps to speed up time-to-hire and reduces human error.


What happens when the Right to Work Check is completed?

Once the applicant's Right to Work check is returned to them, their Full Right to Work Status Report will be uploaded to their VettingGateway profile for you to review.

What device can an applicant use to complete their Digital Right to Work Checks?

An applicant must use their mobile device that has a camera so that they are able to upload a selfie for biometric face matching. VettingGateway will prompt the applicant to complete the checks on a mobile device by providing them a QR code or link.


What happens if an applicant doesn't have a mobile device with a camera?

The applicant will be asked to provide a reason for not being able to complete their checks. This will then be relayed to their applicant profile in VettingGateway for your review. A manual Right to Work Check will then need to be completed.

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