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  • Heather McGee

Digital Right to Work Checks: Passports and eVisas

Updated: Mar 27

A digital Right to Work check allows employers to digitally verify the identity of their new starters and confirm their Right to Work remotely rather than in person.

UK & Irish Citizens

Under the Government's new right to work scheme, employers can make use of Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) to carry out Right to Work checks on holders of UK & Irish in-date biometric passports and passport cards. IDVT must be provided by a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP). The IDSP digitally verifies the identity of an applicant and sends a report confirming the level of authenticity of the document and the eligibility to work in the UK.

Non-UK/Irish citizens with an eVisa

Anyone with a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account and those who applied to the EU Settlement scheme can access their immigration status online through an eVisa. In order to verify an eVisa, employers can use a share code provided by the new hire.

Confirming the identity of an applicant

In order to comply with the Digital Right to Work Scheme, biometric facial matching is mandatory. The applicant must submit a selfie in which the IDSP must be able to match the image to the image used in the applicant’s identity verification. To complete a compliant digital check, the employer themselves must then also confirm that the employee who turns up to work matches the identity of the person who has been verified during the Right to Work check.

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