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General Security Awareness Test (GSAT)

Ensure your employees are aware of potential security risks.
GSAT ELearning

Demonstrate that your permanent and temporary staff have undergone the appropriate security awareness training. 


Benefit from our integration to the e-learning and self assessment questions that ultimately lead to the final exam to meet this regulation. 

Airside pass

Meet aviation airside ID card (airside pass) regulations with certification from the Department of Transport on completion of the final exam.

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What is General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)?

A GSAT is a General Security Awareness Test which takes the individual around 1 hour to complete and is required as part of applying for an airside ID card (airside pass). As per the EU regulation 2015/1998 you must demonstrate that all staff permanent and temporary have undergone the appropriate security awareness training.
It helps the person taking the test to be aware of what security risks there are within the airport environment and what preventative measures can be put in place to ensure the safety of staff and passengers.

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