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Social Media Checks

Reduce your hiring risk and protect your company's reputation
Protect your organisation

Make safer hiring decisions that protect your organisation and its people.

Online behaviour

Gain results in as little as 15 minutes against the 7 key index measures of online behaviour.

Good fit candidates

Recruit good-fit candidates who align with your organisation's values.


Be confident that your required checks are being managed compliantly.

Human bias

Eliminate subjectivity by using technology that removes human bias.

Social media checks

See the complete picture, as our Social Media checks analyse both public and private posts. 

Why choose VettingGateway?

Speed up your time-to-hire
Reduce your hiring risk 
Improve the quality of your new hires
Eliminate the use of multiple platforms
Deliver a great candidate experience

Why should I add Social Media to my pre-employment background checks? 

More than half the world's population are on at least one social platform, and it has become a fundamental way that people engage with each other.


A professional social media check examines a candidate’s online profile and activity. It uses publicly available information from social media sites, providing an insight into the candidate’s character and background.


VettingGateway uses smart algorithms to ensure your candidates’ social media accounts are assessed fairly and thoroughly across the seven key index measures of online behaviour, helping to improve the quality of your hires and minimise the risk of brand or reputational damage from content that could be linked to your organisation through new or existing hires.


After each Social Media Check, you will be provided with a comprehensive but easy-to-read report highlighting any issues found.




Ready to simplify your background checking process?

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Why can’t I just conduct social media checks manually?

As Social Media Checks rise in popularity, employers are advised to avoid the temptation to manually check the social media accounts of their candidates. The risks of compliance breaches and human bias are, quite simply, too great. Here are just some of the problems associated with manual Social Media Checks:

  • Breaches in data and privacy laws

  • Inaccurate information – it’s easier than you might think to check the wrong person

  • Human bias and error

  • Cumbersome and time-consuming – it is virtually impossible to scan and collect social media data as comprehensively as a purpose-built algorithm

  • Candidate Experience – a candidate is likely to have a much more favourable view of an employer if they trust that their social media will not be accessed by a human. The impartial nature of using software to conduct a Social Media Check means that employers won’t lose the trust of their new hires during the background checking process.

What platforms are checked?

The individual(s) you invite for Social Media Checks will be given the option to select from a range of commonly used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Medium, Tumblr

What is included in the Social Media Check Report?

At the end of each Social Media Check, you will be provided with a comprehensive but easy-to-read report highlighting any issues uncovered within the 7 key index measures. These include:

  • Extremist groups

  • Swearing & profanity

  • Negative sentiment

  • Hate speech

  • Violent images

  • Potential nudity

  • Toxic language



How long does a Social Media Check take?

The time to conduct a social media check depends on the number of accounts being scanned. A typical Social Media Check takes around 15 – 20 minutes from the point of consent being given to a report being generated.


Are Social Media Checks legal?

With VettingGateway, you can be sure that your checks are compliant and legal. The platform ensures consent is obtained and that all scans are conducted consistently, eliminating any chance of human bias or error, that come from manual checks, which could later lead to disputes.

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