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VettingGateway's API

Create a seamless hiring process by connecting our industry-leading background checking platform with your existing HR software 

Integrate quickly
and easily

VettingGateway’s API has been built to enable a simple integration with your existing platforms, incorporating the background checks you need directly within your CRM or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software. Our API implementation is quick and easy, with support available both during and post-implementation when you need it.  

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Enhance your hiring

Designed to integrate quickly with your existing software, VettingGateway’s API technology allows you to invite your applicants, view and manage their data, and receive updates directly within your  ATS for faster, seamless, and ultimately, more productive hiring.  

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Streamline your
existing processes

By implementing VettingGateway’s API, you benefit from an automated and streamlined vetting process. By preventing the need to switch between multiple platforms, you reduce the time and effort needed to verify an applicant’s information, meaning your overall hiring process becomes more reliable, accurate and efficient. 

How it works

Our API can be incorporated directly into your existing technology platforms, acting as a logical extension or ‘bolt-on’ of your existing software. 


Once set up, the API enables you to request VettingGateway checks within your existing platform, without the need to login to VettingGateway separately.




Our API endpoints have been created to ensure you can run your specific background check process within your chosen ATS or CRM platform, requiring only the applicant’s email address to trigger the start of the process.


You can then use the API to receive updates and reports on your applicants directly within your platform.

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Transforming pre-employment background checks for leading organisations

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Wilson James

"Since implementing VettingGateway in 2022, we have seen a number of improvements across our pre-employment checking processes. With features like auto chasing of candidates and referees, the verified company address book and prioritised task lists for our team, our background checks are now quicker and more streamlined and have created more resilience within our teams."

Wilson James - HR Transformations

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