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BPSS Checks

Satisfy the requirements of a Baseline Personnel Security Standards check.
Quickly complete checks

Quickly and easily complete your BPSS checks to the recognised standard.


Ensure the integrity and reliability of your staff, particularly when they have access to sensitive data or assets.

Government information

Meet the required screening for those working in, or have access to, government information


Be confident that your required checks are being managed compliantly.

Preset BPSS bundle

Speed up your checks by using our preset BPSS Bundle, with all the requirements set up and ready for you to use.

Track progress

Track your candidates' progress and remain up-to-date throughout the process.

Why choose VettingGateway?

Speed up your time-to-hire
Reduce your hiring risk 
Improve the quality of your new hires
Eliminate the use of multiple platforms
Deliver a great candidate experience

What checks do I need for a BPSS Check?

To conduct a background check on an individual working in a government-related environment, you'll need to complete the following checks, all of which can be completed within the VettingGateway platform:

  • 3 year (minimum) employment history

  • UK Basic DBS

  • Identity check

BPSS checks

Ready to simplify your background checking process?

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Complete all your background checks in one place


Do I have to reference just the 3 year period of employment history or can I reference further back?

As a minimum to satisfy the BPSS you are required to obtain the preceding 3 years worth of employment history for your candidate. You can indeed reference more years if you wish, this can all be customised in VettingGateway.

Do I also need to do a Right to Work check as part of this BPSS process?

Yes as part of employing someone in the UK we always recommend a RTW check is done, identity documents can be captured and saved within our referencing portal for you to view and satisfy yourselves that copies have been obtained from your new employee. However original documents may still need to be viewed. 

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