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Background Checking Made Simple

VettingGateway is an easy-to-use online platform that makes in-house background checks quick and simple.

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How Can VettingGateway Help?

Using a simple online platform you can complete pre-employment screening, criminal record and credit checks, and any industry specific regulatory checks you might need all in one place.

VettingGateway Benefits include:

    Simple and easy-to-use online platform

Reduce hiring risk by background checking all new hires

A huge reduction in the amount of time and resource you’ll spend on referencing

Automated task management means that your tasks will be prioritised to complete the checks in the quickest time possible

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What is a background check?

A background check allows you to verify information about a persons past. For example, when hiring a new employee it is important to check their work and education history, or you may need to do a criminal record check.

How it works, in a nutshell

1. Set your parameters

Get started by setting up bespoke rules and processes for your typical applicant checks. Select from intelligent defaults (created by our experts) or create your own to mirror existing processes.

3. Complete checks

Tasks will be prioritised through a checklist, listing outstanding tasks within an applicant’s profile. Tasks are presented in a logical order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

2. Invite applicant

You can now invite applicants in a quick and easy manner. Simply type in an individual’s email address, or upload a CSV file to send out bulk invitations.

4. Quality management

Once a profile is complete, you’ll be provided with a final opportunity to quality check the profile. After your seal of approval, you can download a PDF summary, or send the information to AirportGateway.

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Looking for a demo?

See how VettingGateway can improve your vetting checks, speed up reference turnaround times, and help you achieve more in less time.

Alternatively you can book an in-person demo with one of the VettingGateway team here:




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