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  • Heather McGee

Why Facilities Management background checks are more complex than they seem

The Facilities Management (FM) industry is rapidly growing, with an expected growth at a CAGR of 1.85% by 2027, reaching a value of $52.50 billion. This sector employs a diverse workforce as the field encompasses a wide range of activities. Some of the job roles that fall under FM can include; cleaners, security, maintenance, IT contractors and many more. Due to the wide range of services they can cover, individuals may work across an array of sectors for example; healthcare, education, aviation, and construction, among many others. 


Why is background checking FM staff more complicated than other sectors? 

FM is a critical part of any business, and it is important that you hire the right people for the job and the safety of the business, therefore it is important that these individuals are background checked to the correct standards of their job role. 


When background checking FM staff, clients will require them to be checked to their own standards or regulations, given the diverse range of industries they might work in. The level to which staff are background checked to could be dictated by the client’s specific needs and regulated industry standards rather than the FM provider. Differing industries have different legal requirements for what background checks should be undertaken.  For example, a cleaner working in a school would require an enhanced criminal record (DBS) check along with other industry standard checks. Whereas, a contractor working in an airport would require a 5 year employment history, a basic criminal record check, a GSAT and other checks required by the aviation industry. Therefore, it can become quite difficult to manage all the different job roles and requirements across varying FM contracts.  


How can FM background checking be managed more effectively? 

Managing all the different required checks can become complicated and a headache, so how can you overcome this?   


Firstly, by using one platform to complete all your background checks, meaning you can centralise your vetting and reduce the need for you to switch between platforms. Additionally, critically for the FM sector, by reducing human interaction and employing an automated system, you save a huge amount of admin time and ensure your staff get working sooner.   


Choosing a customisable solution to meet all the diverse risk factors for the different job roles can help you manage your checks better. For example; by building specific background check bundles for different industries or even job roles, you’ll save a huge amount of time. Another way to effectively manage your background checks is to split your applicants into groups, this could be based on a variety of different criteria which you may choose, for example, by your different clients, by industry or more specifically by job roles.  



How can VettingGateway help? 

VettingGateway is the all-in-one software solution for employee background checks. With high levels of automation, your tiresome, repetitive and complicated admin tasks are managed with ease, meaning you get time back in your day whilst getting your new hires working faster.  

Our platform can be fully customised to your needs, meaning you can build your own bundle of checks, to meet your specific needs. With our Enterprise Hub solution you can split your applicants by ‘Zones’, which can be based on any requirements you might want. For example, by the varying industries your organisation serves, or by the differing clients you work for. This solution is a simple, logical system created to transform the way you manage your pre-employment background checks. Enterprise Hub helps to eliminate complexity, increase efficiency and speed up your time-to-hire.  

If you would like to know more about VettingGateway and how your FM background checks can be managed more effectively, please book a demo with one of our vetting specialists below.  

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