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Criminal Records


What kind of Criminal Record Check Do you Require?

Discover VettingGateway's Criminal Record Checks below. 

Basic DBS Check

  • Contains unspent convictions

  • Suitable for most industries

  • Electronic progress updates 

  • Hardcopy certificate provided

Discover VettingGateway’s Basic DBS Check, a criminal record check suitable for those living and working in England and Wales

VettingGateway’s Basic DBS Check conducts a criminal history search on your applicants, providing you with information relating to any unspent convictions or cautions your applicant may have on their police record. Our platform also provides you with live applicant progress on the check so you can see instantly what stage of the process the check is in. You will also get an update prior to receiving the hardcopy certificate, to confirm if any disqualifying offences appear on the certificate.   

In Aviation the Department for Transport stipulate particular convictions which are disqualifying and would prevent an individual obtaining an airside pass. Usually minor offences are not included in this list. Most convictions fall under the following criteria: 

  • Any convictions directly related to terrorism 

  • Convictions that may be inappropriate for someone working in the aviation industry (e.g. immigration offences) 

  • Convictions over which someone could be subject to undue influence/coercion 

  • Convictions that call into question an individual's integrity and trustworthiness 

Individuals would then fail the criminal records check for an airside pass, if it reveals an unspent conviction for a disqualifying offence 

In order to process the application, DBS will require your applicants address history for the last 5 years with the dates they lived there, it will require their National Insurance number, passport and also their driving licence. All of which is captured through one singular online application form that your applicants completes. This saves a lot of time capturing this information manually. 

Once you have this information, at the click of a button VettingGateway will process your DBS and communicate back to you when the check is complete. 

Basic DBS Check

Overseas Criminal Record Check

  • Required for a continuous period of 6 months or more

  • Guidance provided on how to request

  • Certificate of good conduct 

  • Upload the certificate to VettingGateway

Understand if your applicant has had a criminal history whilst living and working abroad.

VettingGateway will look at where your applicant has lived and worked over the time you specify and if they have spent a continuous period of 6 months or more in any one country, we will ask them to obtain a criminal record check from that country. This will then detail any convictions they may have had whilst in that country and give you more confidence when hiring them, especially if their role may require them to travel.  

Due to data protection often the applicant has to request this criminal record themselves, information on how an applicant can request the certificate of good conduct and any costs involved can be found here 

An overseas criminal record is always easier to obtain if the applicant is currently in that country therefore where possible before they relocate we would always recommend they obtain this certificate just prior to leaving the country. 

You can manage this process within the applicants profile keeping an eye on when they request the certificate and when the certificate is received. This can all be uploaded and saved within VettingGateway, this will also help you to monitor validities so that certificates don't expire. 

Overseas Criminal Record Check

Criminal Record FAQs

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