Check Type

Employment and
Education History


References By Period of Time

  • Specify any time period for your reference checks

  • Select from our pre set reference checks (1 year, 3 year and 5 year)

If your industry is regulated often you will be given a guideline to what number of preceding years you should obtain from your applicant. However if you are unsure, VettingGateway allows you to reference your applicant for any period of time from a calendar year to even by month if required. Also see Reference by Type to help with your decision.  

You can choose from one of our pre-set reference checks or set your own referencing time frame. You can then really delve into the career history and satisfy yourself that your referencing standard has been met. Our most popular time frame to reference is a 5 year background check 


Collect References By Type

  • Specify your type of reference required, education, employment etc

  • Obtain just 1 employment reference

If you are unsure what period of time to reference your applicants to then potentially referencing them by type of reference will be more suited to your business. A ‘type of reference’ means the establishment you are contacting for a reference such an education reference or an employment reference 

VettingGateway has the functionality to allow you as the user to specify what types of references you want to obtain for your employees. For lower risk environments where your staff may not be handling sensitive information or are not part of a security related work place, you may choose to obtain 1 or 2 references. As such you can detail within the platform exactly what type of references you want to request. i.e. 1 employment reference only required. Maybe you are interested in the employee’s education history or you want to know if they have volunteered for another organisation. If so using VettingGateway will make managing your requirements quick and simple. 


Education and Employment FAQs

I don’t have an internal referencing standard - what time frame would you suggest I reference my applicants to?

Among our clients our most popular check is a 5 year check, however 3 years often provides a good overview of what the applicant has been doing and provides detail on movement between jobs or locations

Will referees have kept employment records covering the time period I specify?

As a general rule most companies and institutes will keep staff records between 5- 7 years

Can I just obtain the most recent reference rather than a period of time?

Yes of course, VettingGateway allows you to specify your referencing standard by time frame and by type of reference. See our reference by reference page for more information

How many employment references can I obtain?

As many as you require, as long as you specify how far back in time you wish to collect the information from, then the applicant will be asked within their online application form to submit to you what you require.

What if my employee hasn’t studied in the last 5 years but I need an education reference?

If you are expecting your employee to have gained a particular qualification, you can set up the parameters you require such as an education reference within the last 15 years. This will ensure the applicant provides to you the correct information without you having to chase them for it