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Manchester Airport Group and VettingGateway

How VettingGateway helped Manchester Airport Group Consolidate their Background Checks and Vetting

In May 2021 Manchester Airport Holdings Limited (MAG) contacted VettingGateway looking for a vetting solution that could help them to consolidate their vetting in to one in-house team. We look back here at the onboarding of MAG and explore our on-going work with our biggest customer to develop features for the platform.


Manchester Airport Holdings Limited was founded in 2001 and is the largest UK-owned airport operator, owning Manchester, East Midlands and London Stanstead Airports. Having already adopted IDGateway technology in their airports in the form of AirportGateway, MAG once again turned to the experts at IDGateway when looking to bring their vetting in-house and move towards a fully digital solution.

MAG approached VettingGateway in May 2021, and following a short discovery phase, onboarding began in September 2021. During discovery we found that MAG were looking to streamline their vetting processes in to one team across all their airports, and this is exactly what VettingGateway is designed for. Plus, thanks to the seamless integration with AirportGateway, it was a natural fit for MAG to adopt VettingGateway for their background checking.

Onboarding for MAG was conducted over just two sessions. The system is straightforward and easy-to-use, so after a short demonstration of the platform had taken place with the VettingGateway team, and following some brief onboarding requirements were complete such as uploading personalised MAG branding and setting up users, MAG were ready to begin using VettingGateway.


As one of our biggest users we saw an opportunity to work with MAG to develop features that would most align with our customers’ requirements. By approaching feature development in this way, we have been able to optimise our development roadmap to suit our customers in the best way possible, providing real value-add from every new feature rollout.

As active users of the platform MAG were in a position to feedback on requirements right from the start of their time with VettingGateway.  A key part of their feedback to us was that they needed a custom task feature. This feature development was highly applicable across our full customer range, and having reviewed the benefits of implementation this custom task feature was added to the roadmap and was rolled out in April 2022.


Thanks to our collaboration with MAG we have also improved the API between VettingGateway and AirportGateway, the notifications features and pagination, plus we have introduced an email trail functionality.

On the subject of our teamwork, Matthew Grundy the Vetting Manager at MAG said:


“VettingGateway has become an integral part of our background checking and vetting process. It has been great working with the platform and being able to share our feedback with the team at IDGateway to establish better features that will improve the functionality, not just for us but for all users of VettingGateway across a range of industries.”

The results speak for themselves; since onboarding VettingGateway in September 2021 MAG have referenced, or are in the process of referencing, over 1800 people. Matthew said:


“Automation has saved significant time and removed a huge amount of manual effort for our team. Without VettingGateway we’d be completely unable to manage such a large pool of people; it has given us greater visibility of the background checks in progress and made it simpler to keep candidates engaged en masse.”

The benefits of VettingGateway

VettingGateway is a simple solution that brings all background checks, right to work checks, pre-employment screening, criminal record checks and credit checks in to one easy-to-use online platform. It is therefore the perfect platform if you need to manage a large number of checks in one place, especially thanks to the task management tool that helps to prioritise your checks to help you complete them in the quickest time possible.

You can get started with VettingGateway within minutes and begin your checks right away, and an automatic integration with AirportGateway means that all tube stops are automatically filled out, and aviation checks can be completed digitally end-to-end. And thanks to VettingGateway’s automatic reminders functionality you no longer have to pick up the phone and chase referrals yourself, so you can get back to your day job.

Aviation background checks take on average 22 days using VettingGateway, in comparison to an industry average of 8-12 weeks. If you would like to speak to one of the VettingGateway team please book a demo below. 

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