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  • Would you like to build a long-term workforce through comprehensive background checks? 

  • Do you need to conduct an Identity or Credit check on your new employee? 


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Retail Overview

Find out below how VettingGateway can reduce the time it takes to conduct a background check and help reduce your hiring risk. 

How can we help in Retail

Within the Retail sector it’s not uncommon for staff turnover to be high. However, with the use of detailed employment background checks you can understand the hiring risk and make informed decisions about who becomes part of your team. Retail theft can also be a huge problem within the industry, and whilst stopping theft entirely isn’t possible, you can reduce the number of incidents by conducting checks such as an identity, credit check or Basic UK DBS (criminal record).  

Employment background checks can seem overwhelming, especially when they’re an additional task added to your normal day job. VettingGateway uses automation and a simple platform to guide you through how to conduct the right background check for your new employee, with no specific expertise needed.   

  • Smart tasking systems will remind you which document you need, or when you need to contact your applicant 

  • You can request a reference directly from the platform, so there’s no need to use Outlook to send a form 

  • You can communicate directly with your referees straight out of VettingGateway using a smart messaging system  

Ensure you hire staff with the right characteristics to provide excellent customer service to your customers. Using our simple to navigate platform you’ll be able to request and conduct the checks swiftly and get to know the person who will be joining your retail family.

Checks for Retail

The most common checks conducted on retail staff are listed below. However, VettingGateway offers a whole host of other checks that could be right for your business. For more information you can contact us or click here to see what other checks we can offer. 

  • 3 or 5 year employment history

  • Digital Right to Work Check 

  • UK DBS Check

  • An identity check  

  • A credit check 

Where a regulated standard is absent we recommend that you review the roles and responsibilities within your business and contact us to help you decide what are the best requirements to suit your business.

FAQs for Retail

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