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Vetting Check 

Airside ID Card

  • Will your candidate require access to the critical part of an airport? 

  • Are you an authorised signatory looking to reference your applicants?

  • VettingGateway has just a 22 day turnaround for Aviation Background Checks 

Airside ID Card Bundle
+ VAT per check
*Cost with a Business or Enterprise licence

Airside ID Card Overview

An airside pass is required for anyone who works in a restricted area of an airport (unescorted) and is a critical part of ensuring security and safety at airports. Your applicant must undergo specific checks in order to be eligible for an airside pass at an airport. 

How can we help with an Airside ID Card

VettingGateway is bought to you by the experts at IDGateway, so we have extensive experience in dealing with airside reference checks and will help you to ensure compliancy across your business and reduce your applications being queried by an airport. We have pre set referencing bundles for you to choose from with all the requirements set up for you. Or if you’d prefer you can customise these checks easily and apply additional checks from within our ‘Build Your Own’ feature.

VettingGateway has just a 22 day turnaround time on aviation background checks, far outpacing the industry average of 4-5 weeks. 

What checks do I need for an Airside ID Card

To work in a restricted area of an airport unescorted, you will need to obtain the following checks/ documents from your applicants: 

  • 5 year employment history, including any gaps over 28 days 

  • Basic Criminal Record (DBS, Disclosure Scotland, Access NI)

  • Verify their identity  

  • An overseas criminal record check, if they have spent a continuous 6 months or more in any one country 

  • A General Security Awareness Test (GSAT) if they haven’t already done an equivalent certificate as part of their security training 

VettingGateway can not only accommodate all of the above but if you would like a bespoke referencing check made up of different elements, please contact us

FAQs for an Airside ID Card

  • Why can’t I just conduct social media checks manually?
    As Social Media Checks rise in popularity, employers are advised to avoid the temptation to manually check the social media accounts of their candidates. The risks of compliance breaches and human bias are, quite simply, too great. Here are just some of the problems associated with manual Social Media Checks: Breaches in data and privacy laws Inaccurate information – it’s easier than you might think to check the wrong person Human bias and error Cumbersome and time-consuming – it is virtually impossible to scan and collect social media data as comprehensively as a purpose-built algorithm Candidate Experience – a candidate is likely to have a much more favourable view of an employer if they trust that their social media will not be accessed by a human. The impartial nature of using software to conduct a Social Media Check means that employers won’t lose the trust of their new hires during the background checking process.
  • What platforms are checked?
    The individual(s) you invite for Social Media Checks will be given the option to select from a range of commonly used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Medium, Tumblr
  • What is included in the Social Media Check Report?
    At the end of each Social Media Check, you will be provided with a comprehensive but easy-to-read report highlighting any issues uncovered within the 7 key index measures. These include: Extremist groups Swearing & profanity Negative sentiment Hate speech Violent images Potential nudity Toxic language
  • How long does a Social Media Check take?
    The time to conduct a social media check depends on the number of accounts being scanned. A typical Social Media Check takes around 15 – 20 minutes from the point of consent being given to a report being generated.
  • Are Social Media Checks legal?
    With VettingGateway, you can be sure that your checks are compliant and legal. The platform ensures consent is obtained and that all scans are conducted consistently, eliminating any chance of human bias or error, that come from manual checks, which could later lead to disputes.
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