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Vetting Check 


  • Will your new employee be handling sensitive information or working within a government related department?

  • Do you employ people in the communications, energy and financial sectors?

BPSS Bundle
+ VAT per check
*Cost with a Business or Enterprise licence

BPSS Overview

BPSS stands for Baseline Personnel Security Standard and is a recognised standard for pre employment screening for your new hires who may have access to government information. Typical roles could be civil servants, members of the armed forces and government contractors. Its also used as a minimum referencing requirements for the communications, energy and financial industries, especially if they have any involvement with the government information.

How can we help with a BPSS

Through VettingGateway you’ll be able to easily and quickly conduct the necessary checks in order to satisfy a BPSS check.

The identity check can be conducted within minutes of your applicant completing their online profile and a result shown to you, so you can then continue in the knowledge that the person you are hiring, is who they say they are.


It reduces the time taken to conduct these checks through automation which speeds up the recruitment process so your new employee can start their role as quickly as possible.

What checks do I need for a BPSS

To conduct a background check on an individual working in a government related environment, you'll need:

  • 3 year (minimum) employment history

  • UK Basic DBS

  • Identity check

These checks can be conducted within our referencing portal including an integration for the UK Basic DBS and identity check. We will also take the time out of chasing for you as our automated chasing function will email all your referees every 3 days, ticking off another job from your to do list!

Looking for other checks? We can help with BS7858.

VettingGateway can not only accommodate the above but if you would like a bespoke referencing check made up of different elements, please contact us


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