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Vetting Check 


  • Are you looking to hire for a position in a Security environment? 

  • Do you wish to find trust-worthy applicants, with proven experience and no hidden past? 

  • Do you wish to conduct a thorough background check, including a criminal record check and adverse financial credit check on your applicants? 

BS7858 Bundle
+ VAT per check
*Cost with a Business or Enterprise licence

BS7858 Overview

Perfect for those that require referencing to work in a Security Environment.  BS7858 is the British Standard of vetting and helps employers to screen security personnel before employment. This could be for a role where the individual is working in an environment where the safety of people, goods or property is essential. This includes data security, service contracts and confidential records. It can also be applied to situations where security screening is in the public’s interest.

How can we help with a BS7858 Check?

Our BS7858 Check provides your candidates with a thorough 5-year background check, including a 1 Basic UK Criminal Record, Credit Check, and an Identity Check, giving you peace of mind when hiring for roles in high-risk security environments. VettingGateway will help ensure regulatory compliance, and instant live monitoring of your applicants' progress through one easy to navigate portal.

The Milestones feature in VettingGateway enables Limited Screening if you need to offer conditional employment. This feature is built into the BS7858 bundle in VettingGateway by default and is easy to configure.

What checks do I need for a BS7858 Check?

To conduct a background check on an individual working in a security related environment, you'll need:

  • 5 year employment history, including any gaps over 28 days

  • 1 Basic UK Criminal Record

  • Credit Check

  • Identity Check

  • Sanctions Check

  • Manage Right to Work documents

VettingGateway can not only accommodate all of the above but if you would like a bespoke referencing check made up of different elements, please contact us:

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What is Limited Screening?

A full BS7858 security screening process usually takes around 1 - 3 months to complete, so to get new starters working in their role more quickly, ‘Limited Screening’ is permitted as part of the BS7858:2019 standard. Limited Screening (also known as 'Conditional Screening') allows new starters to complete a preliminary set of background checks before being offered conditional employment. The condition is that the full set of BS7858 checks have to be completed within 12 weeks after conditional employment has commenced.

FAQs for BS7858

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