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Using automation, our simple online reference checking platform provides you with a faster, more reliable way to conduct background checks on a variety of individuals, all whilst reducing the need for any follow up calls or emails.

With pre-built vetting checks to suit organisations of all sizes and industries, as well as custom checks and personalisation features to suit your brand, discover how VettingGateway can speed up your background checking process.


Task Management

Our task management system is a central place for you to organise your daily tasks by individual and by team. It can also allocate a task by groupings such as requesting references, so that you can filter out the task you wish to action. It applies a mechanism behind the scenes allowing all of your tasks to be in prioritised so that you have the best impact on your applicants background checks and complete the files in the quickest time. No need for long to do lists let VettingGateway manage it for you!

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Task Management
Pre-verified References
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Pre-verified Checks

When you receive a reference you can easily store all the referee’s contact information so that the next time you go to send out a reference you know exactly where to send it. This will help speed up turnaround times as you can double check the accuracy of the information the applicant has provided to you. A handy reminder will pop up each time VettingGateway recognises a company name and will give you the choice of sending your reference to your known email address. This will reduce the amount of chasing you have to do on each reference and will also enable clear communication with referees.

Automatic Reference Chasing

Automatic Chasing

How long does a reference take to be returned? Well with VettingGateway you can be sure to speed up this process with its auto chasing function. You can set your chasing policy to chase your referee’s from every day to once a fortnight depending on how quickly you would like the reference to be sent back to you. VettingGateway will send out emails to your referee’s encouraging them to reply and will even send the reference request again so that the referee always as it to hand. So to reduce you having to constantly pick up the phone the system will maintain that referee communication for you, it will also warn you if its not getting a result in case you wish to intervene at any point.

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Online References

Online References

Discrepancies can occur on references, whether it be the applicants name has been misspelt or a question missed. To ensure you meet your business standard or especially in regulated environments where certain questions are important, send an online reference to your referee. This will email a link to our referee portal where your referee can easily complete our template, with mandatory questions avoiding anything being missed and the applicants information within easy reach, this will make providing references almost enjoyable for your referee’s.

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Looking for a demo?

See how VettingGateway can improve your vetting checks, speed up reference turnaround times, and help you achieve more in less time.

Alternatively you can book an in-person demo with one of the VettingGateway team here:

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