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Social Media Checks

  • Improve the quality of your hires

  • Make informed hiring decisions

  • Recruit good-fit people who align with your values

  • Minimise bad hires and protect brand reputation

Office Worker

A professional Social Media Check is an automated scan of an applicant or employee’s social media history to ensure they are good fit for your organisation. Increasing regulations along with a growing demand for companies to be more socially responsible has accelerated the growth in the Social Media Background Check UK market.

VettingGateway uses smart algorithms to ensure your candidates’ social media accounts are assessed fairly and thoroughly across the seven key index measures of online behaviour, helping to improve the quality of your hires and minimise the risk of brand or reputational damage from content that could be linked to your organisation through new or existing hires.

After each Social Media Check, you will be provided with a comprehensive but easy-to-read report highlighting any issues found.

How it works


Order a Social Media Check in VettingGateway

Social Media Checks can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle


Invite your applicants or employees

You can send invites individually or bulk invite multiple applicants 


Recipient consents & gives VettingGateway access

Your recipient(s) can consent and action the check from any device within seconds


Scan conducted and report generated

A typical Social Media Check scan takes around 15 – 20 minutes once consent has been given

Social Media Checks FAQs

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