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Six Ways to Speed Up Recruitment in the UK Aviation Sector

Updated: Mar 27

With candidate scarcity plaguing the UK job market, speeding up the recruitment process has become a priority for companies across all industries. The aviation sector is no exception, with a high demand for skilled personnel and a competitive environment for attracting top talent. As the leading background checking platform for the aviation sector, VettingGateway, along with its sister product AirportGateway have been at the forefront of helping aviation and airport based companies streamline recruitment and onboarding. Here are our top six ways to speed up recruitment in the UK aviation sector:

  1. Use technology – Using purpose-built tools like VettingGateway and its sister product, AirportGateway to help with background checking and airside passes speeds up the recruitment process by automating many of the manual tasks involved. This shortens the time it takes to vet applicants before employment and onboard them as quickly as possible after they have started.

  2. Leverage social media - Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can be powerful for reaching potential candidates quickly and efficiently. You can use these platforms to post job listings, share information about your company and reach out to passive candidates.

  3. Use specialist recruitment partners - Building strong partnerships with specialist staffing agencies and recruitment consultants can help organisations to fill vacancies more quickly. Agencies like AeroProfessional can provide access to a pool of pre-screened candidates, reducing the time it takes to find and hire the right person.

  4. Offer competitive packages - Offering a competitive salary and benefits package can help to attract the best candidates and speed up the recruitment process. Candidates are more likely to accept job offers if they feel that they are being fairly compensated for their skills and experience.

  5. Streamline the interview process - Streamlining the interview process can help to reduce the time it takes to make a hiring decision. This can be achieved by conducting pre-screening calls, using video interviews, and having multiple decision makers involved in the process.

  6. Encourage referrals - Encouraging current employees to refer friends and colleagues for open positions can be a fast and effective way to fill vacancies. This can help organisations to tap into their existing networks and find qualified candidates quickly.

Speed truly is key when it comes to recruitment in the UK aviation sector. By using technology, leveraging social media, using specialist recruitment partners, offering competitive packages, streamlining the interview process, and encouraging referrals, employers in the UK aviation sector can ensure that they are able to recruit the right people quickly and efficiently.

At VettingGateway, we can help to streamline and smoothen the essential task of background checking your applicants, alleviating one element of the ever-lengthening hiring process. Ready to find out more? Simply book a demo with one of our vetting team members to find out how we can help you.  

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