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Introducing VettingGateway

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The new background and employment vetting system

Built by identity management software pioneers – IDGateway® – VettingGateway is the new intelligent solution focused on getting employees working smarter, not harder, against the highest of security and vetting standards.

VettingGateway has been designed for HR screening through to Criminal record and identity checks; using a simple online platform you can complete pre-employment screening, criminal record and credit checks, and any industry specific regulatory checks you might need all in one place.

VettingGateway Benefits include:

1. Simple and easy-to-use online platform

2. Reduce hiring risk by background checking all new hires

3. Automatically send reminders to referees

4. Automated task management means that your tasks will be prioritised to complete the checks in the quickest time possible

5. A huge reduction in the amount of time and resource you’ll spend on referencing

The only solution to integrate with AirportGateway®

What’s more, as a sister product to AirportGateway, VettingGateway has the unique ability to integrate with AirportGateway to streamline the process – saving up to 30-minutes per application. Offering this seamless integration with the already established AirportGateway, VettingGateway goes one step further to boost your operational efficiency. Once a background check is completed using VettingGateway, you can automatically transfer all of the data and documents into AirportGateway to complete an ID application and apply for an ID pass. This unique integration considerably speeds up applications by up to 30 minutes each, resulting in a saving of up to 1.5 days a month for each member of your vetting team.

Flexible pricing package for all business types

As industry experts, the IDGateway team understand that businesses come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why VettingGateway offers maximum flexibility when it comes to pricing packages. Whether you are a small organisation with basic vetting requirements, or a larger enterprise vetting a high number of applicants, with requirements to customise all aspects of the process – rest assured that there is a suitable pricing package right for you.

Boasting an un-rivalled feature set

The team aren’t shy about their latest innovation and are already boasting an extensive un-paralleled feature set, adding to its ultimate user-centric experience.

Technical Architect, Matt Burgess, comments;

‘Our core focus has and always will be to provide our users with flexible intuitive tools that are capable enough to improve upon and support a user’s existing vetting processes. From workload management and reference generation, to automated chasing and bespoke templates, we’re proud to offer features that help teams, and individuals get it right first time… in record time! Efficiency, productivity and speed are key for individuals and organisations that manage vetting processes. That is why VettingGateway offers functional features that meet that ethos entirely’.

We are delighted to offer VettingGateway completely free of charge till March 2021, to support the recovery of the UK aviation industry.

When we get through Covid-19 (which we will), there will a critical need to process applicant background checks faster than ever, so businesses can get back on their feet. As such, all reference check and VettingGateway license packages, including both Business and Enterprise packages, will be free of charge until March 2021.

Julian Parker, Managing Director, continues to comment;

‘We are passionate about aviation, and the 10.2 million people around the world who work within the industry to keep it going, which is why we genuinely feel it right and proper to support individuals and their business at a time when they need it most.'

What’s more, after March 2021, the VettingGateway Starter license will continue to be free of charge up to the maximum of one-user, with reference checks being charged on a pay-as-you-go basis – purchasable from the Marketplace.

The IDGateway team truly hope that this offer will help businesses on their road to recovery and that in-house vetting teams will significantly benefit from the unparalleled functionality available within the VettingGateway system.

In summary

Having considered large and small businesses, to first-time users and super users, VettingGateway is most definitely ready to offer a welcomed change to the background and employment vetting process.

Via a quick sign-up process, users can get started in record time. Or if you still need a little more convincing, why not discover our un-rivalled feature set.


The information Provided by VettingGateway in this blog was published on the 22/06/2021, all information was relevant at the time of publishing however as our landscape is forever changing this information may not remain valid.

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