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What is 2-Factor authentication and why is it important?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The days of safely securing your accounts behind a username and password alone are long gone. Login credentials are increasingly being stolen in security breaches, and this information is frequently sold on the dark web to hackers and criminals interested in identity theft. Anyone using your credentials can try to sign into your account once they've been released. Only two-factor accounts are protected from these automated log-in attacks.

Why do you need 2-factor authentication?

It is easier than you think for someone to steal your password, with so much of our lives taking place on smartphones and laptops, it's no surprise that our digital accounts have become a target for thieves. Malicious assaults on governments, businesses, and individuals are becoming increasingly widespread. And there are no indicators that hacking, data breaches, or other types of cybercrime will slow down anytime soon! if you do things such as use the same password on more than one site, download software from the internet or clicking on links in emails can put you at a higher risk with being infected by hackers.

Do you believe it will never happen to you? Hackers can use so-called "credential stuffing" or brute-force assaults to easily break in and take over people's internet accounts in mass. This happens on a regular basis.

What is 2 factor authentication (2FA)?

In a nutshell, most people only have one layer of security (their password), what two-factor authentication adds is another layer of security to your accounts, making it considerably more difficult for outsiders to gain access. The system protects an account by enforcing an authorisation process that, in most cases, revolves around the user's smartphone.

Users must still sign in with their username and password for accounts protected with two-factor authentication. However, typing those credentials correctly will not grant access to the account. Instead, the user will be asked to complete a second authentication technique (thus the phrase "two-factor" authentication) in order to pass the security barrier.

In most cases, two-factor authentication is accomplished by delivering a prompt to a user's phone app, which they must tap to authenticate that they are the person attempting to sign in, or by texting a code to their phone number, which must be manually typed into the two-factor security prompt. While someone might figure out your account and password, they won't be able to physically access your phone.

Why is it so important?

According to a recent study, by New York’s attorney general, Letitia James states that “there are more than 15 billion stolen credentials circulating on the Internet. This enormous cache of credentials has fueled a dramatic rise in credential stuffing attacks. The operator of one large content delivery network reported that it witnessed more than 193 billion such attacks in 2020”. Showing the real consciences not having 2-factor authentication can have.

How can VettingGateway help?

At VettingGateway we recognise how valuable your data is and the importance of keeping it secure. By choosing VettingGateway as your background-checking software, you are entrusting us with one of your most significant assets: your company's data. We take this obligation extremely seriously, therefore we've incorporated security and privacy into the core of our platform. Our information security rules establish a solid foundation for managing and processing your company's data. Our security infrastructure consists of world-class technology and software in which we consistently invest to protect against the most recent known threats.

For more information on how VettingGateway can help you click here, or you can sign up for your free starter licence and claim three free reference check by clicking here.


The information Provided by VettingGateway in this blog was published on the 21/01/2022, all information was relevant at the time of publishing however as our landscape is forever changing this information may not remain valid.

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