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7 Tips to make your hiring process more effective

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

In light of today skills shortage, it has never been more important to make your hiring process more effective. Your recruiting methods will determine the future of your company. Every new employee will either contribute favourably to customer happiness, growth, and profitability, or negatively harm the company. In this article the experts at VettingGateway will share tips to help take important steps in positioning your company for success by attracting the right talent by implementing a planned and comprehensive hiring process.

1. Attracting the right candidates

Firstly, it is important to be specific about the prerequisites for your role, and provide a brief overview of the position you are advertising. To address your main problems, ask direct questions. Do you, for example, require someone with a clean driving record? Include a yes/no question that asks if the candidates have one. It's a quick technique to eliminate candidates who aren't a good fit for the job.

2. Attracting qualified candidates

The way to attract well qualified candidates is by researching what inspires and makes a passive prospect happy in their job before contacting them. Using this information, tailor your sourcing emails to focus on what you can offer them rather than what they can do for your firm.

3. Speeding up the hiring process

Hiring teams strive to fill vacancies as quickly as possible since unfilled positions cost money and cause delays in operations. Recruitment, however, can take many months depending on your business, putting strain on recruiters and irritating hiring teams. A shortage of suitable candidates may result in a delayed hiring process, but similarly the hiring process may be excessively lengthy or hiring teams may be unable to reach a consensus, causing the finest prospects to seek employment elsewhere.

Examine your hiring process and ask yourself if all the stages are truly necessary. Are we searching in the proper places for candidates to fill our pipelines? Do we communicate with applicants and each other quickly? Is there a way for us to shorten the onboarding phase to speed up the overall process?

4. Building a strong brand

You can recruit and engage better prospects with a strong employer brand. 72 % of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring. According to LinkedIn statistics, having a great employer brand makes recruiting more profitable and faster; 50 percent of applicants are more qualified, which speeds up the hiring process by 1-2 times. This shows that investing in your employer brand is beneficial, however it's a lengthy process that encompasses everything from guaranteeing a great applicant experience to marketing your company culture on social media. It's a long-term, collaborative project that demands you to take time away from your regular responsibilities and gain buy-in from your co-workers.

Bonus tip: Always respond (courteously) to negative and positive online reviews. Give your co-workers the opportunity to express their stories about their jobs and hobbies (for example, through blogs and videos). Above all, be a good employer, and it will reflect on you.

5. Creating a good candidate experience

Candidate experience is crucial not only for employer branding, but it also plays a role in how your best applicants evaluate your job offers. The way you handle candidates during the interview process reflects how you'll treat them once they've been hired. They're less likely to accept if they've experienced a poor encounter. Positive applicant experiences, on the other hand, can boost your employer brand and inspire qualified individuals to apply for and accept your job offers.

Set communication expectations: tell prospects when they can expect to hear from you, and, if you're using an applicant tracking system, set reminders and use email templates to keep your word. Throughout the hiring process, don't keep them in the dark.

Work well with the candidates. If you're having an in-person interview, make sure you provide them all the information they need (like who to ask for and what to bring). Explain what to expect from the interview and what they should do next. Notify reception of their arrival and do not allow them to linger in the lobby.

6. How to Recruit impartially

Unconscious prejudices are frequently the cause of many firms' struggles to attract and hire diverse individuals. Aside from meeting your legal requirements to provide equal opportunity, hiring objectively is beneficial for business since it allows you to hire the best individual for the job without prejudice. Consequently, you'll have a more inclusive workplace, demonstrating to potential applicants that you're a meritocracy and allowing you to reap the benefits of diversity.

7. Creating an efficient recruiting process

Hiring teams must be able to communicate quickly, evaluate prospects quickly, and stay informed at all times. Recruiters are in charge of arranging all of this contact, which isn't always easy. Especially if the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers is poor. Administrative duties (such as arranging interviews) can take time away from recruiters that may be better spent coordinating the hiring process and providing a positive candidate experience. A huge mistake that many businesses make is to lose interest in the recruitment process once the employment offer has been accepted, but onboarding can add weeks of additional time and complication to the process, negatively impacting your business reputation. Digital tools can help to shorten and simplify this part of the process.

How can VettingGateway help?

VettingGateway is an online background checking tool which will speed up the recruitment process. It allows teams to collaborate and track the status of the vetting process at a glance, pulling all types of background checks in to one central location whilst easily managing any additional requirements such as DBS, BPSS, accreditation checks or credit checks. The online tool also simplifies administrative jobs, with built-in email templates, priority check lists and automated chasing plus much more. For more information on how VettingGateway can help you click here, or you can sign up for your free starter licence and claim one free reference check by clicking here.


The information Provided by VettingGateway in this blog was published on the 8/11/2021, all information was relevant at the time of publishing however as our landscape is forever changing this information may not remain valid.

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