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VettingGateway's innovate online referencing

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The concept of digital divides has been on the agenda in research and policy making for at least the last 20 years. Technological advances have made the possibility of making instant background screening a reality.

Agencies are changing as a result of new technologies and business models, and they're under pressure to fill positions faster, run more efficiently, and generate more income. A background check from a traditional employee background check company can take weeks to complete, whereas VettingGateway streamlines the recruiting and background-checking process, allowing you to boost your conversion rate.

Talent is the key to realising the full potential of your company. With background checks from VettingGateway, you can learn the whole narrative about your applicants and uncover shortcomings that could harm your company. Our AI-powered background checks are made to keep your company safe during the employment process. Allow us to gather the information you require without the effort or stress of conducting a background check.

When it comes to applicant placement, time is money. Reference discrepancies can slow down the background screening process, for example misspellings of the applicant's name or the omission of a question. VettingGateway can send an online reference to your referee to help you meet your business standard which can prevent these disparities, especially in regulated settings where specific questions are crucial. Once the referee receives and completes the document, an email link will then be sent back to our referee portal where your referee can easily complete our template. Mandatory questions avoid anything being missed, and the applicant’s information is within easy reach, which can make providing references almost enjoyable for your referee’s.

Traditional background check systems, on the other hand, can slow you down, causing frustration for both your prospects and your consumers. Staffing firms can use VettingGateway to shorten time to hire and convert more prospects by leveraging contemporary technology.

What are the advantages of Automation?

Automation is one of the keys to saving time when background checking, and VettingGateway has more automation than any other competitor! Our high level of automation allows us to maintain the same level of production while reducing manpower dramatically.

Advantages of automation in background screening:

· Reduce employee loss

· Authenticate qualifications

· Line up values

· Protect your workplace

· Maximum value liability

What does VettingGateway offer?

We’ve listed some of the core functions:

Sending out invitations to candidates – This is simple and quick because it can be done en masse! The solution also automates applicant engagement and follow-up (they frequently require reminders) and guides them through the process of submitting their information for verification.

Creating references efficiency - Using a selection of pre-configured templates or ones you've saved to the library yourself, you can create and send dozens of reference requests at once.

Reference chasing – This is done automatically to eliminate your involvement in as many circumstances as feasible. This is set to three automatic chases by default, but you can change it to suit your needs.

Processing and storage - You can make the most of our technology to handle and store incoming references quickly, whether they come in digitally or by mail!

Third-party integrations — We have suitable integrations with 3rd parties such as CBS, GSAT through Redline, AirportGateway and Experian, so these ancillary procedures are completely automated.

Error-checking — This function is available across the platform to identify and highlight issues, allowing you to catch them early on and save time later on.

Audit trail - For each component of the background check, an audit trail is created automatically, providing a trustworthy source of truth for who did what, when, and how.

How can VettingGateway Help?

VettingGateways online referencing tool is tailored to your specific needs. The days of personally calling and pursuing referees are long gone. You can now build online references and design your own questions for the referee to answer using VettingGateway. When your referee receives an email from VettingGateway, they will be able to sign into our referee portal, where they will be able to easily complete our online template with mandatory questions to avoid missing anything, and the application information is within easy reach, making providing references easier than ever.

If you would like to learn more about VettingGateway you can click here, or you can sign up for your free starter licence and claim three free reference check by clicking here.


The information Provided by VettingGateway in this blog was published on the 10/02/2022, all information was relevant at the time of publishing however as our landscape is forever changing this information may not remain valid.

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