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Revolutionise Employment Checks with VettingGateway

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Distributing and collecting accurate employment referencing checks shouldn’t be a headache, but many vetting teams find this the most painstaking part of the recruitment process - an innovative solution to reduce this headache is well overdue.

Our industry experts know first-hand that obtaining background referencing checks can be a stressful, time consuming and repetitive process. Using this expert knowledge and applying feedback from external testing and beta trials, we firmly believe that VettingGateway’s reference management process is a welcome change to the current ways of working.

We have created a referencing process to adhere to the principle of ‘getting it right first time’. This principle ensures that references are returned faster, more accurately and with new layers of validation in place.

Choosing a referencing template fit for purpose.

Whether you’re a small organisation processing occasional checks, or a larger organisation with multiple vetting requirements, our referencing solution will help you work smarter – not harder. In VettingGateway you can choose from a pre-formatted reference templates or customise your own. Our template library houses refencing templates for all major UK airports, which are updated regularly. Having an existing library does not only reduces the time associated with uploading new templates, but also eliminates the time needed to update them. If you have a custom template, you can save it to your list, keeping it available for future needs. Once you’ve created it, it will be there for you to use time and time again.

Introducing ‘verified referees’…

Tired of sending references to incorrect referees?

Increase productivity and start saving time (and your sanity), with our intelligent verified referee library. If you’ve become frustrated at the time lost chasing incorrect referees, then our intuitive tool will be a breath of fresh air.

Our database houses a list of verified referees for commonly used organisations such as supermarkets and retailers. What’s more you can add an unlimited amount of contacts to this database to save time for future reference applications.

Which format is for you? Online, email, or hard copy references?

Providing reference templates in formats that suit the referee is crucial in ensuring that references are obtained quickly and with accurate information, working towards the ‘right first time’ principle. This is why all of our manged and custom reference templates can be sent to referees via post, email or an online link.

Online references

Sending out an online reference is our suggested option for quick and easy references. If you choose to send an online reference within VettingGateway, your chosen template will be converted into a live web form. The link to the form will be sent via email through the VettingGateway system, where referees can simply fill it out with minimum fuss - resulting in improved user satisfaction and quicker turnaround times. When the referee has completed the reference, the system will verify the authenticity and map the information directly into an applicant’s profile! If the link has been forwarded to a 3rd party this will be flagged for your attention, reducing the risk of fraud. You’ll be notified about completed references within your workload management dashboard and referencing management area.

Email references

Email references include the reference template questions within the body of the email, meaning that referees can simply hit reply and scribe their responses accordingly. When VettingGateway receives the completed email, the reference will be assigned to the correct applicant, made possible by our email tracking technology.

Hard copy references

All our references have tracking codes embedded within them, for hard copy documents this is in the form of a small tracking code. When you receive a reference back in the post you can simply scan it into VettingGateway, and the system will automatically put the pages in order and assign the reference to the correct applicant. This is particularly useful if you have a large amount of postal references that have been returned. You can upload them in any order, all together, with the peace of mind that they will be assigned correctly.

Get a FREE starter licence today

With our right first-time approach to employment referencing checks, we’re confident that VettingGateway will not only increase productivity and improve turnaround times, but that our additional layer of tracking will help reduce fraudulent and incorrect references. Start using VettingGateway today, to truly experience our easy-to-use referencing platform.


The information Provided by VettingGateway in this blog was published on the 13/05/2021, all information was relevant at the time of publishing however as our landscape is forever changing this information may not remain valid.

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