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How faster background checks can help in the skills shortage

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

As the world starts to gently recover from the Covid 19 pandemic, we’re seeing a big influx in recruitment. However, many companies trying to hire new staff are struggling to find suitable workers quickly due to The UK skills shortage.

The British Chamber of commerce recognise that these recruitment problems are affecting positions at all skill levels. In this article the experts at VettingGateway explore the cost of the skills gap issue and investigates how speeding up background checks and recruitment processes using VettingGateway could help to bridge this gap.

Why are companies finding it so hard to hire?

Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They’ve never spent as much money doing it. Employers looking to hire is at the highest it’s been in eight years and hiring professionals and HR managers are struggling to fill roles.

Seventy percent of employers expect their hiring problems to persist into 2022. A consulting firm surveyed 380 employers which showed that 73% of respondents are having difficulty attracting employees, up from 56% in the first half of the year, and 61% are having a hard time keeping workers. This high-demand, low-supply situation has led to companies finding different ways to attract more potential candidates. Companies are now paying subcontractors who will scour LinkedIn and social media to find potential candidates who have particular qualifications that cater towards the job.

What is the cost?

All this extra effort has plunged employers into paying a higher price to ensure their organisations have the skills required to remain productive, with the shortfall now costing the UK an extra £6.33 billion a year. £1.23 billion of this is being spent on speeding up the recruitment process because the skills gap is slowing the process down by an average of one month and 22 days.

How can VettingGateway help?

Put simply, VettingGateway can help claw back some of that lost time by shortening the onboarding processing. VettingGateway can significantly speed up background checks, offering a full vetting solution in one easy to use online platform. VettingGateway prioritises your tasks and “to-do” lists to complete applications in the quickest time and has easy to use email templates and automatic referee chasing functionality to simplify and speed up the process.

Regain the time and money lost due to the skills gap; for more information on how VettingGateway can help you click here, or you can sign up for your free starter licence and claim one free reference check by clicking here.


The information Provided by VettingGateway in this blog was published on the 22/10/2021, all information was relevant at the time of publishing however as our landscape is forever changing this information may not remain valid.

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